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Jonah Howard

In 2020 we integrated our CRM Vanillasoft with our campaign results tracking system in Google Sheets. This integration allows for the seamless flow of data from the CRM to our live tracker google sheets. This feature provides you with real-time data and lead results, giving you the ability to view the results as they come in and see the changes in their metrics over time, using the Live Scorecard. This automation of live result data was a significant step towards providing better insights and improving the efficiency of your campaigns. The project management team oversaw the implementation of this feature and worked hard to ensure a smooth transition for our team members and you.

4 years ago

Jonah Howard

Before the integration of our CRM Vanillasoft with our campaign results tracking system, sales development reps were manually updating data sheets and writing lead notification emails. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors, as it relied on the reps' individual accuracy and attention to detail. With the integration of the CRM and the campaign results tracking system, this process is now automated, which saves time and ensures accurate data. The Quality assurance process that was later added, further ensures that the leads generated by the CRM are accurate and reliable, which will save clients time and resources by reducing the number of unqualified leads. Additionally, the automated lead notifications that are provided further improve the efficiency of the sales development reps by allowing them to spend more time engaging with leads instead of updating data sheets and writing emails.

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