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Jonah Howard

With our new Client Success Director, you will have additional sales development and cold calling success leadership. This senior director will oversee and drive performance based activities for your campaigns. Sales development strategies are generated from sales dev best practices, empirical evidence collected, and trending market behaviors to remain agile and adaptive to success based on current prospect behaviors

The client success director drives results and impact on all campaigns by more detailed and focused account manager training in an effort to continuously prove your experience.

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Jonah Howard

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Jonah Howard

Our current client success director comes to SHP with a background in helping companies with lead generation. He began as an account manager, and through evidence of client success in campaigns he's managed, SHP leadership chose to place him in a leadership role to oversee the selection, onboarding, training, and continued success of SHP account managers. This leader meets one on one with account managers to review, analyze, continue to improve their processes, run weekly meetings, collaborate with other departments to optimize process towards client success, and participate in corporate strategy decisions based on experiences and analysis of client success.

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